Julia Ostertag at Noc Walpurgii Festival 2014 Berlin

April 26, 2014

This year there will be no RAW CUT filmfest, but we have a screening of Julia Ostertags latests movie – the queer music documentary  “And You Belong” The director will also show her shortfilms and be available for talks.

Under The Red Umbrella(15min.)
Wasteland (6 min.)

at the Noc Walpurgii Festivall 30.04. in Kino Pelikuloso in Köpi / Berlin/

In ” And You Belong “, acclaimed director of Gender X, Saila and Noise & Resistance Julia Ostertag delivers a visual and musical rocket ride through the queer music underground telling the story of two girl electro hip hop act Scream Club and their international network of friends. While Scream Club´s music has been the soundtrack for a decade of underground fun, friendship and activism, Julia Ostertag created a fascinating document on a new queer self-esteem through original footage, archival footage, music videos
and photographs.

the whole program of Noc walpurgii festival:

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